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College related:

Tips on getting a recommendation

College scholarships site. This is the college scholarships portal at It's a pretty good place to start. Remember, if a site says that they will charge you money or asks you for information like a credit card number, don't use it. Other sites include: FinAid's Scholarship search; FastWeb; U.S. Dept. of Education Guide to Federal Financial Aid; and, remember that I told you that there are some pretty unusual scholarships out there? Look at some of these...

Writing related:

Sample formal letter

Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University 
This site is excellent for learning about how to format a paper, write citations according to different formats (like MLA), and how to structure your work. I highly recommend it now and when you get to college.

Generic Note Sheet for Term Papers

Academic Decathlon:

AcDec Slide Show from Ashland Competition (21 Nov 2009)

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